ENI Lubricants for Wind Turbines (Green Energy)

The depletion of natural resources around the world and the urgent need of other resources for our every day necessities gave rise to the immediate need of discovery of new natural resources. One of the major discoveries was the use of Green Energy.

Green energy is the energy obtained from natural resources such as wind, sunlight, water, tides, heat, plants and algae. All of these are renewable resources, meaning they never deplete and can be recycled several times. The best part about them is that they are eco-friendly and their use has little or no effect on the environment. Green energy has reduced the cost of electricity, solar panels and other resources and has undoubtedly diversified energy supply.

One of the major sources of Green energy is wind energy which is harnessed by Wind Turbines. The countries which majorly involve the use of wind energy include China, US, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Brazil and Canada.

The working of wind turbines is simple: the wind turns the blades of the turbines which are like helicopter rotor blades, which turns the generator and electricity is produced. Basically the kinetic energy of the wind is captured by the blades. Faster wind enables the turbines to create eight times more energy than normal.

The most important part of the wind turbines is the gear box and the generator. The gear box enhances the power coming from the turbines’ blades to high speeds that enables the generator to take in greater energies and then convert it into electricity.

For a the blades and generator of the wind turbine to work properly, wind is not only the most important factor. Another factor which makes sure that the blades are working properly and the gears are ready to turn is the quality of Lubricant that is used in them. Better quality lubricant makes sure that the wind energy is being captured properly and the gears of the generator are turning efficiently to make the most of the green energy.

ENI Blasia Wind Turbine Lubricant is exclusively made for the gears of the wind turbines’ blades and generators. It has many features that make it best for the job some of which are

  1. It minimizes the friction between the gears and lowers temperature so that the machine is not over-heated.
  2. The viscous lubricant is extremely stable and does not react with any kind of metal, making it suitable for all metal types.
  3. The lubricant makes sure that the metal surfaces do not make contact with each other under any kind of load or speeds, making the lubricant suitable for all weather conditions.
  4. If during the generator’s working, any kind of residue or debris is formed, the ENI Blasia Wind Turbine Lubricant makes sure that it absorbs that dirt and acts as a cleaning agent.
  5. It is non-toxic and has high fire point and flash point to prevent any kind of ignition inside the machinery.

The ENI Oil Products makes sure that all the aspects such as operating conditions, temperatures and gears characteristics that are necessary for the choice of a lubricant are met and the experience is a great one in accordance with the company’s motto. “Your business, our energy!”

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