ddclient doesn’t update automatically

Problem: ddclient doesn’t update automatically even if the daemon is defined in /etc/ddclient.conf file. A simple example is as follows:

use=web, web=check with your dns provider for appropriate address here
protocol=put your dns provider protocol
server=check with your dns provider for appropriate address here
login=your account username
password=your account password

Solution: As we can see that in above configuration file, the daemon value is defined but the ddclient still doesn’t update the ip addresses of hostname(s) after 300 seconds or 5 minutes as above.
After extensive research and time, I came up with the post which gave me an idea of how to activate the daemon service for ddclient. The post was about to check the ddclient service status. When I checked the status of ddclient, it instructed me to do the following in order to trigger the daemon.

Simply go to /etc/default and open ddclient file. Change run_dhclient and run_ipup to false, then run_daemon to true. Save and restart your service by sudo service ddclient restart.

Above solution is checked on ddclient (version 3.8.3).

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