Contribute in Ramadan Iftar 2019 Jeddah


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Ramadan Iftar 2019 Jeddah

We are organizing iftar for 50 people this Ramadan (2019) in Jeddah. One person's iftar will cost SAR 7 a day, and SAR 210 for the whole month. Your small contribution will make a huge difference by giving 50 people Iftar every day for 30 days.

We have made some changes as we have arranged the same in less cost as follows:

One person's iftar is now costing us SAR 5.5 (a day) times 50 people = SAR 275.

The menu of one person's iftar is:

  • Quarter chicken with rice
  • Juice/Laban

Please contribute generously.

Thank you and best regards,

Jamshaid Ali

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