Contribute for Prayer (Salat صلاة) Carpet

Contribute for Rolling Prayer Carpet (Salat صلاة Carpet)

Dear brothers and sisters,

Please come forward and contribute as always, in the path of Allah, we want to arrange Prayer (Salat صلاة) Carpets at the places like gas stations where there is no arrangement to offer pray. We will also share the coordinates of locations in focus. We will update once we are finished with that location, and put a share a new one.

Description and cost of the Prayer (Salah) Carpet and location are as follows:

  1. One row, 5 meters (enough for 8-10 people) SAR 1,100
  2. Two rows, 5 meters (enough for 18-20 people) SAR 1,600
  3. One row, 10 meters (enough for 18-20 people) SAR 1,400
  4. Two row, 10 meters (enough for 38-40 people) SAR 2,200

Location under consideration:

You can also suggest a location to consider.

Total Amount
Supporter Profile
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